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    Quality-oriented·Customer service

    Committed to the surfactant in the textile, printing and dyeing,

    chemical fiber, dyes and other fields of development and application



    HaiAn GuoLi Chemical Co., Ltd.
    HaiAn GuoLi Chemical Co., Ltd.

    HaiAn GuoLi Chemical Co., Ltd. (Linyi Guoli Chemical Co., Ltd.) is a modern enterprise integrated of scientific research, production and trade. Our company is professional in development of surface active agent and its application in textile, dyeing, chemical fiber, dyes, medical, paper-making, leather, metal processing and electronic fields. We can provide products in 7 categories, over 30 series and 100 varieties, such as, Span series, Twain series, penetrant series, emulsifying series, polyether series, phosphate series, antistatic agent series, leveling agent, dispersing agent, softening agent, detergent, anti-foaming agent and etc.

    The company has strong technical force. There is research center of new products...

    HaiAn GuoLi Chemical Co., Ltd.
    HaiAn GuoLi Chemical Co., Ltd.
    HaiAn GuoLi Chemical Co., Ltd.
    HaiAn GuoLi Chemical Co., Ltd.

    The establishment of a new modern surfactant production base and research and development base, the completion of the phosphate ester synthesis device, fatty acid ester esterification device, ethylene glycol (propylene oxide) - based device, special chemical synthesis unit, chemical fiber oil equipment, such as more than 50 sets

    HaiAn GuoLi Chemical Co., Ltd.
    Address:Nanhai Avenue (middle) No. 19, Haian
    County Development Zone, Jiangsu
    Tel:+86-513-88826680 , Fax:+86-513-88867259
    HaiAn GuoLi Chemical Co., Ltd.

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