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    Quality-oriented·Customer service

    Committed to the surfactant in the textile, printing and dyeing,

    chemical fiber, dyes and other fields of development and application



    HaiAn GuoLi Chemical Co., Ltd.
    Antistatic agent SN


    Chemical composition: Octadecyl dimethyl hydroxyethyl quaternary ammonium nitrate

    Type: cation

    Technical index:
    Appearance: Reddish brown transparent thick liquid( 25℃)
    pH value: 6.0~8.0 (1% Aq Solution, 20 ℃)
    Quaternary ammonium salt: 48±2%

    Packing and Storage:
    50Kg plastic drum.
    Kept in dry and ventilating place.
    Shelf period is 2 years.

    HaiAn GuoLi Chemical Co., Ltd.

    HaiAn GuoLi Chemical Co., Ltd.
    Address:Nanhai Avenue (middle) No. 19, Haian
    County Development Zone, Jiangsu
    Tel:+86-513-88826680 , Fax:+86-513-88867259
    HaiAn GuoLi Chemical Co., Ltd.

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