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    Committed to the surfactant in the textile, printing and dyeing,

    chemical fiber, dyes and other fields of development and application



    HaiAn GuoLi Chemical Co., Ltd.
    Coating Dispersant CP-88

    Composition: organic phosphate liquid.

    Technical index:

    Appearance Light yellow - dark yellow liquid

    Active ingredient 100%

    Acid value (mgKOH / g) 260-320

    Performance: CP-88 is an acidic anionic surfactant, which has a strong adsorption effect on the charged potential pigment and resin, forming a very viscoelastic thin envelope, so that when the pigment and binder coated particles sink in the paint , can form flocculation sediment, so make coating the pigment in the bottom instead of cake.

    Uses: For a variety of antirust, anti-corrosion primer and a variety of pigments and fillers resins.

    Usage: for the purpose to improve the speed of grinding and anti-settling , the CP-88 solution can be added in 0.3% of the total amount of the material, after grinding the paint has good fineness stability, anti-cake.
    Packing: plastic barrel, 50kg / barrel.

    HaiAn GuoLi Chemical Co., Ltd.

    HaiAn GuoLi Chemical Co., Ltd.
    Address:Nanhai Avenue (middle) No. 19, Haian
    County Development Zone, Jiangsu
    Tel:+86-513-88826680 , Fax:+86-513-88867259
    HaiAn GuoLi Chemical Co., Ltd.

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